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CaptureLens, MultiTool

A professional magnifier, screen grabber, measuring tool, color picker and converter

A Gift

The program is a free gift as a token of my appreciation for the donors of Wega2 and ExposurePlot, Capturelens will be send to you by email when the donation is confirmed.

If you want a copy of capturelens but don't use the other programs.
Well you can, by simply donating anyway ;-)

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Note: Some keys have been reassigned in this version, read the help.

Windows (most versions)

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CaptureLens the program

CaptureLens is a multi tool for DTP-ers, photographers, graphic designers and everyone who's working with images, or those who just simply needs a cool magnifier.


The magnifier can by used to read fine print or enlarge any detail on screen, a quality filter can improve enlarged small text or other details.

Color Picker

The lens comes with a handy color picker and convertor to find RGB colors on the monitor and can convert RGB to HEX html, HEX BGR, CMYK, HSV (HSB), LAB, XYZ. The lens can also show Pantone PMS colors or grayscale percentages.

Screen Captures, Crops and Qframe

You can capture a full screen or a crop of the screen and save it to file, optional you save to the clipboard and paste the capture in any suitable program. A Qframe is a special feature with predifined coordinates, handy to capture multiple stills from movies or slide shows.

Exposure Checker

Photographers can easily check photos for sharpness or purple fringing with the magnifier, magnifications can be enhanced with an anti aliasing filter. There is also an option to check for burnedout or underexposed areas.

Measuring Tools

Capturelens has an adjustable and pixel ruler and caliper, both tools will scale with the magnification factor. Measuring larger distances and angles is done by measuring from a start point any point you drag the measuring cross hair to.

Color Charts

Pantone PMS, RAL Design and RAL Classic color charts are provided with CaptureLens. Designers can use the charts to match their graphical work with real world colors, just open a chart and move the lens over a color to convert the values to your needs.

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