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open How to use the Magnifier
open How to use the Color Picker
open How to use the Color Charts
open How to check the Exposure of an image
open How to Measure small screen items
open How to Measure large screen areas
open How to Capture a screen or make a Crop
open How to use a Qframe to make movie or slide show stills

A = Anti Alias filter
R= Re-capture
+- = Magnification
Arrows = Move
Ctrl+Arrows = Move fast

The S key rotates:
1 Magnifier with Border
2 Ruler mode
3 Caliper mode
4 Magnifier Glass only

Menu settings:
You can assign the middle mouse wheel to zoom.

How to use the Magnifier

The magnifier can by used to read fine print or enlarge any detail on screen.

To select the single magnifier, press the S key until you have a magnifier, there are two magnifiers, one with a border image and one without a border (glass only )

You can move the lens over any item to view, use the + or - key to adjust the magnification factor.

To enhance a magnified view press and hold down the A key to use the Anti Alias filter to improve the image visible in the lens.

Photographers can easily check photos for sharpness or purple fringing with the magnifier.

real size

with border
no border

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